Maintaining a healthy relationship under the stresses of day-to-day living is difficult under any circumstances. Now add the fact that you are in business together with your spouse and the livelihood for your whole family depends on the success of your company. Is that enough stress? Enter Covid-19 and the demolition of most of our routines, and the massive additional strain is more than many couples in business can take. 

According to the US Census Bureau, that number is over 1.4 million couples in business. You are not alone! Got kids at home, schooling? How can you possibly manage all of that? Indeed, The New York Times recently devoted an entire section to this herculean challenge entitled Primal Scream: American’s Mothers are in Crisis, Is anyone listening to them? When that mother is part of a Mom and Pop shop as well, it’s gotta be worse..

You may be finding that your current skills — in clear communications, conflict resolution, balancing responsibilities, managing the business, schooling the kids — are far from sufficient. Who could manage all this without help?

We’ve been married and in business together for close to three decades. We have kids, step kids, the rainbow coalition of blended family. We’ve been through cancer and mental illness and infant health crisis and much more. We’ve weathered it and come out stronger. We’re here to help.