We are the creators and convenors of several networks, communities of people dedicated to a shared purpose of transforming the world to be a better place.

Most recently this includes WeTheChange, a network of hundreds of B Corp Women CEOs, who have gathered to amplify their voice to create the inclusive, regenerative, just world we want to see.

Our declaration of shared purpose, that we co-authored (and invite you to sign) reads:

We are empowered women creating a radically inclusive and richly regenerative global economy.

As leaders of certified B Corporations and other purpose-driven enterprises, we believe in business as a force for good to generate abundance and prosperity for all. We are building a world where business is in harmony with nature and all life thrives.

We commit to economic, racial, environmental, and social justice and a world where women are equally represented in positions of power and influence. We welcome all allies.

We honor and protect the Earth for future generations.

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