Transformational Coaching

Want to change any system? Start with yourself. Indeed, look in the mirror: that’s the only person you have complete power to change, and you are the first “tipping point” in any system. Your authentic and powerful leadership requires ongoing practice, discipline, vision and care.

We are transformational coaches who have worked with hundreds of people from all sectors since 1993.

We use an “inner systems” approach that lets you take a comprehensive, deep and systemic view of your life, helps you focus on what you want to have happen, and respectfully and powerfully guides you towards your highest aspirations and deepest purpose. We believe in you. We strategize with you. We challenge you. We support you. We celebrate with you as you become the best person – the best leader — you can be.

Build Back Better with Balance

Our coaching guidance for navigating Covid-19 with sanity, grace and power.

Juggling new work demands, kids needing home-schooling, relationship stress and more. How does anyone manage in the current reality?

We’ll guide you through a process to create a new life balance that works for you and your colleagues and family in the current Covid-19 reality and beyond.

What do you want to create in your life now that is energizing, generative, life-giving given the current Covid reality? What is your “good dream”?

What beliefs do you have supporting that vision? What beliefs might get in the way?

What structures and practices can you put in your life to support you now?

We will teach you to find new or renewed physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual practices to create vitality and balance that is essential now.

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