Shadow Work

Shadow Work®, is a personal transformation technology based on Jung’s concept of the “shadow.” Developed by Cliff Barry with his unique synthesis of ancient and modern tools for healing, Shadow Work explores those parts of self that we have disowned, denied or repressed due to past wounds from culture, family or other. These wounds form “painful, persistent, patterns” that limit our ability to experience our natural blessing: freedom, joy, love and power. The Shadow Work process helps us reclaim these parts and integrate them in a way that allows for our full vitality. In Shadow Work we, “Go for the Gold”.

The Process

We do this by creating a safe, compassionate, confidential, “container” for the work made of a circle of people who are committed to personal and community transformation. We learn the conceptual frameworks of Shadow Work and how the model works in action. One person then chooses to “step to the center” to do their work. Others in the circle support that person through their presence and/or by playing roles that represent parts of that person’s psyche. The roles are uncovered through co-inquiry with the facilitator. 

Your Facilitator

Sara Schley has been a Shadow Work practitioner for over 25 years. As one of the founders of Women in Power, a leadership initiation based on Shadow Work, Sara has had the privilege of working with 100s of women using this form.

The Result

In the end, the work is not only about each person finding their birthright of freedom, integration and transformation, but also about deepening the field of compassion and connection in the whole circle that is present. This is a huge gift for any individual, organization or community seeking to build a culture of compassion, insight, connection, and power that is sourced in love.

An Invitation

If you are ready to address and transform the painful, persistent, patterns in your life that have yet to be healed despite all your worthy attempts, Shadow Work may be for you. Listen below to the comments of some of our participants.

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“Sara coached me personally through one of the deepest personal transformation experiences I have ever had: a healing process called “Shadow Work” that changed my life and caused me to shift my perspectives and actions in ways that still resonate with me today. Sara is a miracle worker.”

Eileen Fisher


“Completing my Shadow Work with Sara, the words that emerged were “Fierce Grace”, the quality I felt in my interiority and in the field. I was accompanied by friends that have held my feet to the fire for years. The container allowed for Sara’s mastery to flow with precision, compassion and dynamic creativity. The great mystery itself moved through her, transforming me and those I witnessed in this sacred work. I feel strength that is clean. I sense blessing that is empowering and pure. I will return to the crucible again.”

Sarita Chawla

Founder, Metalens, Senior Faculty, New Ventures West

“What I experienced from your coaching yesterday was someone who is skillful, knowledgeable, openhearted, powerful and deep. You were able to hold a dynamic experience together and pierce right through to the core of what needed to happen. You were able to coach, to be tender, to push when needed and to guide to total joy in the end. You were able to unravel and restructure a story that had built up over decades. I am honored to have been able to participate.”

Mira Nussbaum

Personal Coach

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