We partner with you to become an organization with an ever more powerful and positive impact on the world. As a certified B Corporation ourselves, we have proven our commitment to people, prosperity, and planet. We help you build your organization in this way as well and become a business that leads the way in building an economy that works for all.

Systems Approach

We approach your organization as a system.

Our ABC’s: Accelerated Bold Change in 11 steps

  1. What do you want to have happen? Create collective power by articulating your shared vision
  2. Current Reality: What’s happening now
  3. Identify the gap between your Vision and your Current Reality: this is the energy that powers your change
  4. Name the Variables that drive the system
  5. Map it: We map the system to unleash your strategy for bridging the gap between your audacious vision and your current day to day.
  6. Find your biggest “bang for the buck: From the map, identify areas of highest leverage for effective action.
  7. Set priorities
  8. Engage partners
  9. Change the World!!
  10. Reflect, Learn
  11. Celebrate and Renew

Thus we marry audacious Vision and bold Action: sky-is-the limit, ground is where it happens. Do both and change the world.

Solving the world’s toughest challenges: Why do anything less?

We convene and foster communities of learning and action to address the complex challenges of achieving sustainable outcomes for people, planet and profit.

Getting there requires internal capacity building in the skills essential to innovation across boundaries. There are many technical aspects to achieving sustainability that we have great respect for. In addition to these, we support: exploring mental models, testing assumptions, asking the right questions, understanding diverse viewpoints, sharing vision as well as understanding the systems and their areas of leverage for effective action is equally as essential to creating the change we seek. Inspired by and working with fundamental sustainability frameworks from colleagues such as Karl Henrik Robert’s The Natural Step, Paul Hawken and Amory Lovins’ Natural Capitalism, Bill McDonough et al’s Cradle to Cradle, Janine Benyus’ Bio Mimicry, Donella Meadows’ Thinking in Systems, and Peter Senge’s Five Disciplines principles help orient all participants towards a shared understanding of the non-negotiable natural laws of sustainability on our planet.

The skills and disciplines learned by organizations and communities produce action on the ground toward sustainability outcomes. Ongoing support and follow up ensures that learning continues, deliverables are met, accountability is taken, relationships across boundaries are strengthened, understanding of the system is deepened and innovation is accelerated.


“Sara has truly done wonders with us. She has taught us systems’ thinking and system mapping, she has helped us form our Sustainability Design Team (the cross-functional team of leaders within Design, Manufacturing, Business Operations, Internal Communications, Facilitating Leader Team, and Social Consciousness), and she has helped us grow a new “muscle” around holding the whole of our Sustainability vision. We are big fans!”

Amy Hall

VP Social Consciousness, Eileen Fisher

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