Seed Systems creates a regenerative, inclusive, and kind world.

Using a systemic approach, we work with you on any or all of three levels: Coaching, Consulting, and Convening. Coaching for you personally, Consulting for your team or organization, and Convening summits, multi-stakeholder networks and other large system gatherings.

We believe change happens from the inside out.

Sara Schley and Joe Laur are the creators of Seed Systems, an international consulting company established in 1994. Pioneering in the field of sustainability in business, Seed Systems has served over 50 enterprises and 1000s of individuals in corporate, non-profit, government and academic sectors, including such luminaries as EILEEN FISHER, Nike, MIT and Ben&Jerry’s. Versatile and innovative with expertise refined over 25 years of practice in designing, facilitating, teaching and coaching, Seed Systems is your go to partner for leading with integrity and impact.

Our Vision

Our vision at Seed Systems is a richly regenerative and radically inclusive world where all life thrives for all time.

Our Mission

Seed Systems transforms leaders and organizations at every scale of human enterprise through coaching, consulting, convening, speaking, and writing.

Our Values

At Seed Systems, we strive to celebrate diversity, work for justice, design for regenerativity, practice gratitude, and listen deeply. We aim to:

Encourage genuine curiosity

Cultivate physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual ways of knowing

Seek balance as in nature, not unmitigated growth

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Nature as a Teacher

Nature has been sustaining life for 4 billion years. We design our work according to Nature’s proven and essential principles for life.

Zero Waste

There is no waste in nature. This means that our businesses can no longer create waste: zero to landfill, zero toxins, 100% renewable.

Renewable Energy

All energy is renewable in nature. Think solar, wind, ocean currents, more. This means no more carbon emissions.

A Diverse Ecosystem

is a healthy ecosystem. This means we revere and protect all forms of life. We don’t destroy habitats. We don’t clear cut forests. We don’t eliminate species. We cultivate conditions for vitality in all our actions.

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