Virtual Summit Convening

Covid-19 has forced us all onto Zoom for summits and meetings, large and small. We’ve been able to pivot our expertise in live large scale facilitation, into creating powerful, effective virtual gatherings. We do this by making the experience multi sensory via compelling content, interactive exercises, small group breakouts, music videos, and even yoga. Here’s what participants are saying:


“Your #WeTheChange summit was a Master Class in convening.” 

Anthea Kelsick

CEO B Lab US and Canada

“I’ve attended hundreds of events/workshops/presentations on Zoom since Covid began. Your two events were the VERY best! I agree, you should offer a master class!”

Kristin Joys PhD

University of Florida

“You did a fabulous job! I’ve been on so many Zoom gatherings recently, and this one was the best: exceptionally well organized, presented, interactive, and powerful. Well done!!”

Edie Farwell


“Thank you SO MUCH for today’s session. It was honestly one of the very few times I have felt truly safe and at ease during this pandemic, and I feel so much gratitude today for you, the host team, and all the women who joined. I had no idea I needed that so much, and thank you sincerely. Congrats!”

Rebecca Magee

Sister Seasons

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