Life, as we know it, is living through a “systems change.” To discover life as we want it, we need radical innovation that again, change the system… starting with each one of us. This is systems change from the inside out.

We all had thoughts about the way the world was. Now, we know the world is something very different than we imagined it to be. How could such radical change happen? What was the leverage point? Covid? Black Lives Matters Protests? The Narrow Election Loss of Donald Trump? 

Whatever it was, it’s here. The entire “SYSTEM” of daily American life is changing. 

The question is how will great businesses, organizations and individuals adapt and be leaders of shaping the change rather than being shaped by it:

  • At work, where stress and isolation are now dominant themes
  • At home, where relationships are under tremendous pressure
  • Within ourselves, where we store all the stress, fear, loneliness and frustrations

Seed Systems has been working with individuals and corporations to find tipping points of change and bring about systems change—impactful shifts that make the world and our lives better—for a quarter of a century.

For the first time, we can offer this to you. We can start your journey toward radical innovation that will again stoke the fires of your life, work and love. 

Join us to expand your Vision and put it into Action using our Systems approach

About this Event

Sign up for our inaugural 50 minute online class – “Radical Innovation: Systems Change from the Inside Out.”

Using a systemic approach, we work with you on any or all three levels: Coaching, Consulting, and Convening.

Coaching for you personally, Consulting for your team or organization, and Convening summits, multi-stakeholder networks and other large system gatherings.

Join us for Radical Innovation: Systems Change from the Inside Out
May 11, 2021 at 1:00 PM EST.

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